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Oreo cookies. Ill never buy your product ever.

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Regularly purchase your digestive European biscuits recent package I believe stale and very brittle could not consume and would appreciate a refund, I found no expiration date. Thank you. Kelly golden 11051 state route 9w Coxsackie, NY 12051 518-469-1521

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Severe headaches, full body pain in joints, viscera...especially in kidney and pelvic and liver area. I ate lots of these because I need to eat a salty snack for nausea, plus was using them for chips and kept at bedside and in purse for emergency snack. Started eating these in March and first went to the emergency room March 31 with pain all over, extreme nausea, pain, inability to eat, feeling of extreme fullness as if swollen on the inside.... Read more

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Mondelez International - Crumbly Ritz
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These new Ritz suck. If I wanted bread crumbs, I would buy bread crumbs. These crackers won't even stand up to a cheese spread or peanut butter. They come crumbled out of the stacks, even more crumbles when they are put in a carton. Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc . Why do I have to write 100 words when I have described the situation and have explained to you that the crackers crumble even before you can get them... Read more

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The Oreo cookies that I bought today don't smell like they typically do, and this is the first time I've ever thrown away a package of Oreo cookies, uneaten. The signature chocolate Oreo smell is completely missing, the cookie wafers don't have the usual deep rich chocolate color, the creme filling is only half as much as normal, and the creme filling's texture doesn't visually look right plus the wafers didn't grab to it they way they usually... Read more

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The Easy Cheese will not completely empty. I have 4 cans that are still half full and there is no propellant left. So that's a loss of $4.99 each can.I love and use very often with my favorite Triscuits (Dill and Sea salt, Rosemary and Olive Oil, Rye and Caraway Seed among others) which I have noticed have started coming with about half or more of the crackers broken or pulverized to mostly crumbs. Sizes are varied with many crackers smaller... Read more

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They are not hiring blks unless your a child picking cocoa beans! Food good measure you will get plenty of call back interviews ....they want the appeaarance of hire blks....just dont wait at the starbucks...your interview its a set up if i every seen one........ Read more

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Bought chips ahoy one week and they were totally BURNT. Chalked it up to a one time thing. Next week, switched to nutterbutter. All cookie/ NO MIDDLE. Checked the package. Same company. Something has changed for sure. I had an employee tell me the company had moved out of the US to Mexico. Don't know if that's true or means anything. In addition, the taste has also changed. Definitely going to be looking at future products from this company. A... Read more

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Whenever we drove from Wilmington , DE to Princeton,NJ as a child I could always count on my uncles having Ginger Ale and Nabisco Ginger Snaps at the house.. I always loved the taste and even though they are bad for me from time to time as an adult would buy a box. The taste and the memories have always been there for me. People have tried throughout the years to give me other Ginger Snaps and I have always felt the others taste like ***.... Read more

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Mondelez International - Hair in Milka chocolate
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How to complain to this company? I have tried to see is there any possibility over their web-site:, but it seems that they do not have a proper customer support, not even the complaints part for messages at least, or some email. Thats why I was pissed even more with the fact that today I have found a huge hair inside of the Milka's noisette chocolate bar, and can not complain directly to them. This has really ruined my enjoyment.... Read more

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