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The last 4-boxes of the misnamed Nabisco "Premium" Saltines have finally made me angry enough to post a review.

1. They were stale out of the box, all 4-boxes, even though "in-date"

2. No "crisp" crackers were found- just tasteless no-salt, blah crackers that tasted like thy had been left out on a counter for 12-hours.

3. Only a few micro-grains of salt, or none at all, found on the crackers. People buy SALTines for the SALT and the TASTE and the CRISP. None of those attributes are now present in these crackers.

4. There is no "Plant nor Place of manufacture" on boxes of Nabisco Premium Saltines. Maybe the Bar Code reveals? no way to know where the crummy crackers are even made. What if there were a recall? No place on the Mondelez Int'l. web site that even says where their plants are located? Why not?

5.Irene B. Rosenfeld is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of Mondelez International Inc.

Found this information on-line:

Total Annual Compensation, USD 5,200,000

Restricted Stock Awards, USD 8,185,130

Long-Term Incentive Plans, USD --

All Other, USD 7,654,820

Fiscal Year Total, USD $21,039,900 !!

This CEO gets over $21 million a YEAR!!!! .... And she can't even get a decent Saltine Cracker produced out of her company. There are complaints filed in many many places on the Internet about this severely declining brand of crackers. Once Premium, now absolutely tasteless and horrible and worthless. I did not know there was such a shortage of sea salt in the world.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Make Premium Saltines the way the used to be made by the original Nabisco Company, i.e CRISP, FRESH OUT OF THE BOX, and SALTY. People buy Saltines want to SEE salt, not search for it. This is more a salt free product than a saltine..

I didn't like: Declining quality of premium saltines.

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I’ve had to switch to Sunshine Krispy saltines because all the stores I’ve been to for Nabisco Premium saltines only have “Topped With Sea Salt”.Those ones are thicker and taste blah. At first I thought they were stale, but no, it’s the way they make the ones with sea salt.If Nabisco still makes regular saltines, I haven’t been able to find them, even through Google Express stores.

Bremerton, Washington, United States #1213934

What happened to my premium saltine crackers. Sea salt sucks.

Can't even taste the salt. Why call them "Salt"ines?

to Anonymous #1417043

Right.!!! They aren’t crunchy or salty anymore!!’ I refuse to eat them again!

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